Student Visas

Australia has an outstanding higher education system. With over 22,000 courses across 1,100 institutions, Australian education system is ranked 8th in the Universitas 2019 U21 Ranking of National Higher Education Systems, higher than France, Germany, Norway and Japan.

International students require a valid Student Visa in order to study in one of the Australian educational institutions.


The benefits of Australian Student Visa are:

  • It allows you to work throughout the duration of your course - 40 hours a fortnight
  • Once you have completed your study, you will have an Internationally Recognised Qualification and may be eligible to apply for a Post Graduate visa
  • You will be able to add your spouse or dependent children to your student visa application
  • You can submit your application if you are in or outside Australia

The individual requirements for this visa will depend on the “migration risk” which is determined by the nationality of the applicant and rating of the education provider.

Nonetheless, general requirement for Student Visa 500 are outlined below. An applicant must:

  • have confirmation of Enrolment in a registered full-time course at an Australian Education Institution;
  • meet English language requirement (may vary depending on the institution);
  • meet the financial requirement for this visa;
  • have overseas student health insurance cover for the duration of your stay in Australia;
  • meet the Australian health and character requirements;
  • meet Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirement.

Meeting the financial requirements means that you or your family members, or your partner have enough money to pay for:

  • your travel;
  • 12 months of your course fees (or pro rata fees, if your course is less than 12 months);
  • 12 months of living costs (for students or guardians at least AUD 21,041)

Alternatively, you can provide evidence that your family members or your partner had a personal annual income of at least AUD 62,222 in the 12 months immediately before you apply. Combined income might be considered.

The genuine temporary entrant (GTE) requirement is an integrity measure, which applies to all applicants. It is there to ensure that the student visa program is used as intended and not as a way for international students to maintain ongoing residency in Australia.

As part of any student visa application, the Department will assess to see if you are genuinely going to stay in Australia temporarily.

To be eligible for a Post Graduate visa your course of study should be at least two academic years study (92 weeks of registered study) and should be CRICOS registered .

You can read  more about the requirements for the Australian Student Visa in our latest blog article 

620 AUD – main applicant

460 AUD – additional applicant over 18yo

150 AUD – additional applicant under 18yo