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Consultants for Australia Immigration – Why you might need one?

Australia immigration consultant can help you navigate the complex land of the Australian Immigration Law

There are over 120 types of visas to Australia and Australian immigration laws are constantly changing. For someone unfamiliar with Australian law, it’s difficult to correctly make an immigration application that will lead to a successful outcome.

Australian immigration consultants are required to study Australian Migration system and must sit a complex examination in order to get registered in Australia and be able to advise clients on any immigration or visa matters.

So, when you enlist a help of an experienced and established Australian Immigration consultant, you can be assured that you are represented by a knowledgeable individual or company.

Consultant for immigration to Australia will ensure that your application is filled fully and correctly

Each year thousands of hopeful immigration applications are rejected, or decisions are delayed for years because of application errors and omissions. Being represented by an experienced immigration consultant means that your application will be filled accurately, and only necessary, correct and non-contradictory documents are submitted.

After a rigorous application screening process, 80% of accepted applications are rejected. Immigration to Australia consultants have knowledge and experience dealing and communicating with uncompromising government officials and organization.

Experienced Australian immigration consultant can help you to find the right individualised immigration program that will give you the best chance of obtaining a visa

Australian Department of Home Affairs receive millions of enquiries and about 800,000 immigration visa applications per year. The Australian immigration quota is 160,000 people per annum, so only about 20 percent of the applicants are successful. Every person that applies for a visa has distinctive circumstances and unique immigration path. For this reason, there is not set document list for any visa. The documents for each application need to be tailored individually.

Consultants for immigration to Australia are lawyers and can really help in difficult and non-standard situation

Most of the visa applications that are submitted by the Australian immigration consultant are accompanied by the consultant submission letters. These letters contain consultant’s arguments as to why you qualify for the applied visa and address any issues where you might not the requirement 100%. The Australian Migration Law, as any law in Australia, is based on higher court precedents and rulings. Without proper training and access to the necessary resources, it is near impossible for an ordinary applicant to address the issues of non-compliance on their own. Australian immigration consultants can really help in these situations.

Being represented by an Australia immigration consultants can save you money

Although enlisting a help on an immigration consultant to Australia might seem as an unnecessary and costly expense, in fact, it actually can save you money.

Many Australian immigration visa applications are costly: the cost of a Partner Visa application if over AU$7000, an application for a Skilled 189 visa is over AU$4000 for the main applicant. These fees are non-refundable if the application is rejected. You can imaging how many hopefuls loose these fees when 80% of the application are rejected.

Although no Australian immigration consultant can guarantee the successful outcome of your visa application, your chances of obtaining the required visa significantly increase when your application is prepared and submitted by an experienced consultant.

This is also true for the Skill assessment application. Many people believe they can get a successful Skill Assessment without the help of the Australian Immigration consultant. They submit Skill Assessment applications that do not meet the standards required by the various organisations and get rejected subsequently loosing time and money.