Post-Pandemic Immigration Preparation Package

Post-Pandemic Immigration Preparation Package

Australian Boarder closure presents an opportunity for the potential Skilled Migrants as a time to prepare themselves for the boarder opening and Australian Immigration Boom.

Integral part of every Skilled Migration journey is Skills Assessment and English Competency test (Only nationals of English-speaking countries – US, UK, Canada, Ireland and New Zealand – are exempt from it. Their citizenship is equal to the minimum requirement, minimum 6 in each module, for which no points are awarded in the point test.)

Sydney Visa offers a Post-Pandemic Immigration Preparation Package = Skill Assessment Service + IELTS Preparation Service

When you sign up for the package, you receive 10% off the total price*


*does not include skill assessment application fees and document translation services

**a complexity coefficient is applied to certain occupations – depending on an occupation this coefficient can be up to 100% .


Price: $3,600