Employer Sponsored Visa Assessment


Skilled Migration Visa

This questionnaire is for completion either by an Australian employer who intends to hire a foreign worker or by a foreign professional who has found an organization in Australia with the firm intention of hiring him/her, i.e. to nominate him/her for a temporary 482 or permanent 186 employer sponsored work visa.

We will help you assess the chances of both the visa applicant and the Australian employer (nominator) for working visas 482 or 186. To do this, please complete the questionnaire below, reading the questions carefully and answering them in detail and send it to us.

The applicant’s occupation must be on the Combined Skilled Occupations List (STSOL-MLTSSL-ROL). Naturally, this occupation should correspond to the line of business of the nominating employer and qualification (education + work experience) of the applicant.

We can assist you with selection of the suitable occupation. It’s essential to provide detailed information about your education and work experience.
• Please describe your work experience chronologically (either Australian or overseas) indicating time (dates), your position/s and responsibilities;
• Please describe your education chronologically (either Australian or overseas) indicating institution where education was obtained, degree, years of commencement/completion and awarded qualification.

After your details have been assessed, we will respond with an offer and will provide all the information about the stages and costs of obtaining your visa to Australia. We will reply even if you are ineligible.

Employer Sponsored Visa Assessment

General Information

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Do you have an Australian employer who is willing to employ you and sponsor you for a visa? *

The primary requirement for Temporary Work Visa to Australia is availability of the employer who is able and willing to sponsor foreign worker for the temporary work visa. If you do not have such employer, you might consider Skilled Migration Visa option