June 5, 2021

Immigration via Australian Education

If you do not want your money, effort and time to go  to waste, the process of immigration via Australian education has to be thoroughly planned.

Everything matters — profession, study and training duration, the level of qualification and even the location of educational institution. It is very difficult for a person who is unfamiliar with the Australian education system and with the immigration legislation of Australia to do a right plan without the qualified help.

The biggest mistake which the person inexperienced in immigration issues can make is to ask for advice from an education agent. Education agents are people whose task is delivering students to education providers and earning a commission for it from educational institutions. Thus, real needs of the client and his future are not a priority for the educational agent, he does not understand aspects of Australian Immigration Law (unless he is trained within it) and cannot give really good advice. There were cases when education agents arranged student’s visa is such way, that the student lost an opportunity to remain in the country after the completion of the studies.

There was a time when 50% of overseas students in Australia (thanks to education agents) received qualification of “bachelor of business” which unfortunately is useless for the purposes of subsequent immigration.

While planning permanent relocation to Australia via education please remember, that education process is only a tool  for the purpose of obtaining the resident status. All efforts of the applicant have to be applied for achievement of the goal and only the expert in the field of the Australian migration legislation can render the most effective help in it.


Australia, along with the USA and Great Britain, is the leader recognized in the world in the field of export of educational services. Eight Australian universities are among hundred best universities of the world. Education in Australia gives the chance to gain the degree which will be recognized in any developed country of the world and which will open for its owner a way to professional career abroad.

Besides, the Australian program of skilled migration gives particular advantages to those who got an education in Australia, having received the Australian qualification after at least two years training. It provides additional opportunities for those people who have sufficient resources and desire to move to the permanent residence to Australia, but for some reason does not meet criteria of business or professional immigration. Having sent children to get an education to Australia, in several years — on condition of the correct planning of the migration process — you will be able to apply and get one of the parental visas with the rights to live, work and run a business in Australia.

For a free student visa eligibility assessment please fill our Student Assessment Questionnaire and a qualified agent will provide you with a comprehensive advice.


What to do if the decision on training of your child at Australian university  is already made, and the child hasn’t graduated from high school yet? Will the child has to wait to obtain secondary school certificate? The Australian school system assumes 12 years of study. A graduate from overseas school where school system is less than 12 years won’t be enrolled to Australian University unless he completes the foundation year. Foundation courses help international students who may not initially meet entry requirements gain entry to undergraduate study at Australian universities and colleges. They also help students adapt to the Australian academic environment and life in Australia. Some foundation courses promise a place at university after successful completion of the course.

The educational methods accepted in Australian higher education institutions strongly differ from those practiced in higher education institutions in most not English speaking countries. In Australian high school pupils prepare for what soon they should face when study at the universities. Overseas school students arrive to Australian university unprepared. Besides the language barrier, they are also faced with unfamiliar systems and face methodological issues.

For this reason, it might be beneficial to enrol a student into the Australian school first. This also gives to parents the chance to obtain guardian visa to live in Australia together with the kid till he is 18.


Requirements of Australian Migration Regulation for the level of English proficiency constantly increase. Only recently, it was possible to migrate to this country, having passed IELTS examination with 5.5. These days, especially with introduction of new point-tested system,  even IELTS-6s may be insufficient.

Can an adult, previously not exposed to English speaking environment learn the language at the required level? Practice shows, that learning the language through the “submersion” method is most beneficial.

Australia gives numerous opportunities of training for those who want to master English. There are special courses for holders of student visas – ELICOS.  These courses also tailor for the foreigners that are required to pass an English test to be accepted into an Australian education institution.

Besides, there are various language schools and also the TAFE programs — the Australian public institution of professional education — designed for students with any level of English.

SydneyVisa Pty Ltd is ready to provide you the necessary professional help in comprehensive planning and implementation of process of immigration to Australia through training and also assistance in obtaining student visas. This service includes the search of educational institution and selection of the necessary course according to your desires and opportunities.